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酮福堂FNH's brand story

"To help you manage blood sugar and pay attention to your health" is the business philosophy of 酮福堂,  our mission is to bring healthy diet habits to customers. Based on sugar-free, low-carbohydrate and no additives.  We aim to use natural food to make deliciousmeal without increasing blood sugar and not breaking ketone after consumptions. It is difficult to control diet during busy daily life which lead to diabetes and other health problem.  There are lot of reports have shown that age of diabetes patients become younger than before.  However, supply of low-carbohydrate drinks or food are very limited which offer limited choice for people who needs this type of diet, also most of food or drinks are high sugar and high-carbonhydrate. This urges us to supply sugar free and low-carbohydrates food and drinks and which 酮福堂 was born. 

According to the official figures of the Department of Health, there are more than 700,000 people suffering diabetes in Hong Kong, more than 130 million people in China and more than 230 million people in Asia. We can see that there are one person suffering diabetes among 10 people, the demand for ketogenic food and drinks is urgently needed.